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Frank & Eileen

A Story of love that began in 1947
I met my dear Eileen in a place far from home. Jobs were scarce in Ireland in the 40’s and I had to travel a long way to find work. She was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen — full of life, with a twinkle in her eye. I on the other hand was very shy. But Eileen Óg was more than I had ever hoped for, so I built up the courage to talk to her. Eileen didn’t make it easier telling me she had planned never to marry. But I didn’t give up, 6 months later, pulling courage up from my very boots, I finally asked her father for her hand. Eileen and I were married in 1947.
All Frank & Eileen fabric is woven in Italy, made from the best quality yarn to give you a product made of the highest quality, made to last. All manufacturing is done in sunny California, USA. 
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