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The Horse

The Horse is a curated collection of leather lifestyle goods, owned and operated by husband and wife Scott and Amy Hawkes in their studio in Sydney, Australia.

Together with a small team, they create classic, go-to pieces designed to be agelessly refined. People new to the story don’t realise that The Horse was established in 2009 by Scott and their friend Gabrielle as a leather footwear label over a coffee one sunny Sunday afternoon, after seeing a man walk past wearing beautiful brown leather shoes and no socks.

These staple styles, solidly made, quickly became a favourite with the well-heeled. Working alongside each other as a young married couple on a brand and product we believed in was exciting, but the early days made for some testing times and taught us so many lessons. One of our biggest milestones happened in the Spring of 2013, when The Horse launched ‘The Original’ collection of timepieces, which have since become a mainstay of The Horse brand. Their design philosophy centres around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, "buying once, and buying well” and always seeking to refine and expand the collection.