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Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

Autumn 2019 Fashion Trends

February 12, 2019

Another exciting season ahead in the world of fashion and I don’t know about you but Autumn and Winter fashion is my absolute favourite.

Autumn leaves changing colour, being rugged up in cashmere that’s warm and cozy, wearing fabulous tailored jackets and coats and of course the fact that I can wear boots without being judged is a massive bonus :) ( I pretty much wear boots all year long)

In my line of work I have the really fun part of seeing fashion lines one year in advance before they hit the Australian market. Now I don’t know about you or whether you have noticed this but from where I’m standing these days pretty much anything goes and there’s no definite trend. The number one rule to remember when it comes to fashion is; just because it’s on trend it doesn’t mean it will suit you. Always dress in what suits you best and choose a piece that’s “On Trend” that’s true to you and defines your own personal style.

Animal print is making a huge come back and I really think it’s here to stay not just for AW19 but forever. To me, personally I think it’s classic and suits pretty much anyone who has the confidence to wear it. This season’s animal print doesn’t just mean leopard print… we’re seeing Zebra and Snake skin print making appearances in nearly every fashion range. So whatever you favourite animal is, I can guarantee you will find it.

Second trend is Plaid, although I feel it has made a few small appearances in recent years, you may find that this year there’s a lot more of it from different designers. Again with this Trend I have always thought of plaid as classic and If you get the right tailored Blazer it’s something that you will have as a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Just make sure you buy plaid in classic colours like grey, navy or black. There are some really out there versions that I think will be a one hit wonder and a bad long term investment, however this shouldn’t stop the adventurous.

Third trend is oversized knitwear - This doesn’t meant it has to look like it doesn’t fit. Im talking about cardigans that can double up as a coat and are really warm and comfortable to wear. There is a lot of focus on lightweight yet chunky knits this season. Jumpers and cardigans are a lot looser and a lot less structured this season.

Fourth Trend you will notice is Stripes - Yay for that! I mean have stripes ever been out? Hmmmm I don’t think so…. Yet here we are with a lot more focus on it this season. Vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, chunky stripes, thin stripes it doesn’t matter. If you’re wearing stripes, you’re on trend!

Fifth and final Trend that I am really loving this Autumn and makes my soul sing is floral prints and bright colours making such a huge statement in fashion ranges this season. You will notice a lot of fun floral suiting and dresses, I think this makes the transition from Summer to Autumn a lot less stressful and we can incorporate some of our Summer wardrobe into our winter wardrobe too.

I think what you will notice most this season is a lot less focus on black! There’s a huge amount of colour, prints and fun this season….. lets hope that this carves the way for future autumn collections as I think this season has been the most fun to present.

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